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Unique Garden Gifts

Unique Garden Gifts


For seasoned gardeners, unique garden gifts are nearly a must since they most likely already have everything there they need for their gardens. Gift baskets are great, but can also get overwhelming at times since the gift hunter is faced with so many options.

Keep in mind that when giving gifts to gardeners your choices don’t always have to be gardening apparel or gardening tools. It could be something to remind them of their garden or something that reminds them of their garden, for their home or office. Needless to say, most gardeners love anything whimsical, and the things that go along with their gardens may very well be such things as plaques, birds or flowers! Unique garden gifts are great, especially look at choosing to get something personalized. The look of surprise and delight on a gardener’s face upon opening your gift is reason enough for you to spend that extra time to track down that elusive, one-of-a-kind gift for their home or garden.

When choosing unique garden gifts for your loved-ones, begin by thinking of the recipient of the gift and if you’re lucky, have a general sense of what the garden looks like. This will give you an idea what kind of gift you’re searching for. Home and garden stores, locally and even online, sell them by the hundreds so rest assured there will be no shortage of great ideas! Many gardens have themes; some even have color schemes or perhaps a type: it may be flower, herb, rock, vegetable or organic garden. Having an idea of what kind of garden the person has will make your hunt for unique garden gifts a lot easier. Here are some ideas for unique garden gifts to consider:

  • Fountains are great. A garden is never complete without a fountain of any size. Some gardeners even work around the fountain’s theme while others delay purchasing one until the garden is near completion. Just the same, they make unique garden gifts that your gardener will surely love!
  • Garden stakes are among the cutest garden gifts you can give. Designs vary from springy butterflies, lady bugs, pink flamingos, and pinwheels. There are some online stores selling solar powered stakes that light up, change color and give additional glow to the garden.
  • A hammock will surely delight any gardener because it is very easy to install and it provides them a place to rest after a long day of garden work. What could be better than chilling in a hammock while you admire your beautiful work in bloom? You can get either the regular rope hammock or the swing type.
  • Wind chimes, twirlers and weather vanes add charm to any garden and come in all price ranges. Bird feeders will attract birds to visit and hang around the garden for longer periods of time. A huge range of bird houses are available for gardeners that are hopeful that someday a family of birds will come take up residence in their gardens.
  • One favorite and unique gift among gardeners is a decorative planter. These can be clay, concrete, resin, or molded tins or even ceramic pots which give the gardener an additional space to plant and stand out, looking unique and adorable.

There are online shops to check out for gift ideas. However, should you wish to see the gift first before buying, visit local plant nurseries and garden stores near you. These stores are sure to have something for you or at least give you an idea for unique garden gifts.

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Tea Garden Gifts

Tea Garden Gifts


Tea garden parties are unique opportunities to connect in a deep and relaxed way. They are slow paced and comfortable enough to invite easy conversation. If someone invites you to a tea garden party, you may want to bring a tea garden gift with you. Tea garden is a theme which means a particular garden is arranged to meet the standards of a classic tea garden, for example a Japanese tea garden. This is a kind of garden where tea parties are held and participants enjoy sipping teas while strolling down the garden or simply tuning in with the calming garden ambiance. Sometimes, when there are plants, such as herbs growing in the garden that are used in teas, such as mints, roses that produced hips after blooming, or chamomile, it can also be considered a tea garden.

Now that the concept of a tea garden is introduced, you may have an idea of what to give as tea garden gifts. Basically, you have the opportunity choose from a wide array of tea collection items from tea shops and specialty stores. Of course, you can find many of them online and offering home delivery services. Tea garden gifts would be either something for the garden or something for the gardener. If you choose to get something for the garden, it should continue in the garden theme. The most famous tea garden setup is the Japanese tea garden. Needless to say, you should get something that revolves around the Japanese garden theme or at least, conform its environ. Some of these are:

  • Bamboo fountain
  • Stone water basin or Zenigata Tsukubai
  • Japanese lanterns

On the other hand, tea garden gifts for the gardener personally, should be something that is useful and practical, at the same time along a tea garden theme. Since your host is interested in tea gardens, most probably he also enjoys having tea. For this, your safest tea garden gifts would be tea packs, decorative tins that hold loose tea leaves and tea gift baskets. Some of the recommended teas for gift giving are:

  • Earl Grey tea
  • Apple Cinnamon tea
  • Fruit teas

If your loved-one is just starting out her own tea garden, your best bet is a tea garden book. One option can be an instructional, illustrative tea garden book or inspirational book that is best read outside while sipping tea. Other tea garden gifts that will surely put a smile on your loved-one’s face are:

  • Teapots
  • Infusers
  • Bite-sized cookies and biscuits
  • Tea chest with assorted tea bags in it.
  • Tea sets

Tea parties are a great way of catching up with friends and loved-ones and somehow, it sounds more elegant and special than having coffee or just hanging out. They are also great ways to celebrate wedding or baby showers, birthdays or notable anniversaries. The best tea garden gifts are the ones shared over an easy conversation and lots of heartfelt smiles and laughter.

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Home And Garden Gift Ideas

Home And Garden Gift Ideas


Home and garden gifts can be found just about anywhere: supermarkets, local home and garden stores, hardware shops, second hand stores, your own backyard, and of course online. Frankly, there is no shortage of home and garden gifts, in fact they are overflowing waiting for someone to find them and take them home or give them to someone they love. Those who experience difficulties in choosing may be experience overwhelm, or may not know the gardener very well.

Home and garden gifts are easy enough to find over the internet. What’s more, online stores often offer free shipping and delivery to customers like you. Certainly, basic rules of online shopping apply such as buying from reputable sites only, checking for past customers’ feedback, comparison of prices and checking the privacy policy of the online store. It is also recommended that one pay through paypal or with a credit card as much as possible when purchasing anything over the internet such as home and garden gifts. Be extremely careful who you share your credit card information or any other personal information with for that matter. it is best to apply for an electronic payment method such as PayPal to handle all your online shopping transactions. This method will allow you to have full control of who gets paid and how much money to fund your purchases.

There are many online stores that carry excellent home and garden gifts. Their prices are competitive–even cheaper in some instances and as mentioned earlier, they can be delivered to your home. The secret to a successful online shopping is the diligence to browse through many different sites that offer home and garden gifts. Browsing online is one way of cutting cost as compared to actually going through shops and wasting gas, energy and money. There are three ways you can try when shopping online that are sure to give you the best deals in town:

  • Check out successful virtual department stores such as Amazon and Ebay. These companies have members that sell different kinds of things; some of them are brand new while others are secondhand but usually they sell on a much cheaper price considering that sellers don’t have to pay for taxes, rents and everything else. You can also compare prices on identical items.
  • All major department stores have their own virtual stores such as Walmart and Costco. Usually they accept orders and will let you pick up the item at the store but some agree to deliver provided that you pay for delivery fees.
  • Basic internet searching skills will allow you to get in touch with local stores that are possibly selling the right items you are looking for. Search engines usually spew out small, virtual dealers that can help you with your home and garden gifts.

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More Gifts For Gardeners

More Gifts For Gardeners


Choosing the best gifts for gardeners doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is some imagination and a short trip to the nearest home and garden store. It also pays if you know the gardener very well,  just so you will know what to buy and what the gardener likes best. Generally, gardeners are not too picky with their gifts and the possibilities for gifts are virtually endless and that alone makes it easy for loved-ones to buy gifts for gardeners. Actually, what makes it hard is that if the gardener has been gardening for years since he or she may already have the right tools and prefers a brand over others.

When choosing gifts for gardeners, it is best to take a tour around their gardens for you to have an idea of what’s happening there and what the gardeners need. This is equally important if you don’t have any gardening experience and couldn’t really differentiate one gardening tool from another. This way, you can also determine what kind of gardener this person could be and what kinds of plants he keeps in the garden. On the other hand, if you couldn’t personally make it to the garden, ask the person about it. Gardeners are usually happy to oblige when it comes to their gardens and you’ll find gift ideas while talking to the gardener himself. While talking, take note of the things he complains about or the current status of his garden; more or less, these are the things the gardener needs. You can also ask questions if you still don’t have any idea what to get.

However, if there’s no way you can get hold of the person at the moment, the next best place to look for when it comes to gifts for gardeners is, of course, your local home and garden store. This can also be done online since there are many online garden stores offering gift ideas for gardeners. Here are some excellent gifts for gardeners that you must check out:

  • The most precious, priceless piece you can give to a gardener is a gardening tool, even better if it’s a set. Every gardener needs proper tools to tend to their gardens and make it grow. This includes hand pruners, weed extractor, and pot lifter. Be sure to check out other recommended gardening tools.
  • Gardening books also make great gifts for gardeners. Books are valuable for gardeners since they can provide important details on how to take care of their gardens. You can choose from either targeted topics or general gardening.
  • Gardening tool bag is also great for longtime gardeners. It provides them the convenience of having one bag to carry all their tools and prevents the trouble of going back and forth if something is forgotten. It makes their gardening life much easier.
  • Starter kits are also great for both beginners and expert gardeners. For beginners, this will allow them to test their skills in gardening while for experts, you are giving them the chance to try something new.

Everyday, hundreds of different things are introduced in the world of gardening. Those mentioned in this article are just the basics. If you know this person, it could be much easier to pick the best one to give. Just as long as you keep this person in mind while shopping, you can never go wrong with whatever you choose. Also, it need not to be expensive, best gifts for gardeners are usually found just around the corner.

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Gardening Gift Baskets

Gardening Gift Baskets


For those who are still trying to figure out the perfect gift for your favorite gardener, try gardening gift baskets!

Gardening gift baskets are the perfect gift you can give to your friend or relative who loves gardening. They are fun, pretty and are great fun to customize to suit the gardener’s needs and wants perfectly. This is also ideal for those who are choosing gifts for gardeners but can’t make up their mind because gardening gift baskets may consist of all types of gardeners’ items that are sure to please the receiver. Most home and garden stores sell ready-made gardening gift sets for confused gift hunters; some can be found online and delivered to your home or your recipient’s house, whichever you prefer. Best of all, these gift baskets can be made personally by you especially if the gardener is very close to your heart and you know them and their garden well. Nothing beats a gift that is well thought of and comes from the heart!

Usually, gardening gift baskets contain gardening gloves, a cute and practical gardening tool, some tea packs and home baked cookies, plus a couple of flower or vegetable seed packs. Some gift baskets are created according to themes and it is not always necessary to pack these goodies in baskets; perhaps you could put them in a watering can or garden and tool caddy; —even tote bags will do nicely. Themes can go from organic to hand care products; in fact, the possibilities are endless!

Gardening gift baskets are considered very thoughtful especially if you personally put together the things inside it. Moreover, these gift baskets can be given at any time you wish: for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. But sometimes, choosing the items to go inside your basket can be tougher than one would expect. Here are some tips to help you create that perfect gift for your favorite gardener:

  • First, decide on a budget for your gardening gift baskets. This way you can avoid overspending and you can be sure to avoid impulse buys. Carefully select the items that are important and don’t be tempted to overspend on less useful things.
  • If you have a tight budget, look for popular but not too expensive gardening things for your basket. If the quality is acceptable, check out your local dollar store for all sorts of ideas! All gardeners are excited to try new tools, products and gardening items so you will not miss on this one.
  • Shopping in a home and garden store can be both overwhelming and confusing. You can always seek help from sales attendants who will gladly assist you with your needs.
  • Every gardener has their own level of expertise and interests; to be able to put together a gardening gift basket that will suit them best, be aware of their preferences and interests and work around a certain theme that fits them. This way, your basket will look like a fun collection of assorted gardening items that show you care.

Finally, to create the basket, you will want to begin with padding or softener, like excelsior or packing peanuts. Or place a garden theme hand towel on the bottom. Then, you may want to gather scraps of styrofoam, or wrapped newspaper to raise some items above the others, for presentation. You can finish it all off with raffia or place a plant in the basket. With a little inspiration, lots of creativity and imagination, you will be able to create perfect gardening gift baskets in no time and have lots of fun doing it. What great ideas do you have for creating or presenting a gardening gift basket?

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Gardening Apparel

Gardening Apparel


Gardening apparel is a great gift idea for seasoned gardeners. It is not only practical but also your favorite gardener will surely appreciate the gift especially if it fits him or her perfectly.

Gardeners may spend a lot of time in the dirt but that doesn’t mean one should not dress nicely when doing so. They may prefer to be well-dressed when doing their hobbies just as one would when playing golf. Proper gardening apparel will allow the gardener much comfort in moving and climbing, if and when it is needed. Regular clothing will not provide the comfort and quality of specifically-designed gardening apparel. Garden clothes may make a gardener’s job easier, enabling them to do their job efficiently under any weather conditions.

First and foremost, your gardening apparel should allow movement. This should not hinder the gardener in any way. Normally, a gardener will keep 2 to 3 sets of gardening clothes so giving them another set would be much appreciated. Here are some tips when choosing gardening apparel for your favorite gardener:

  • Hats are important for gardeners. This will protect their heads from harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind. This can also shield their head from any protruding branches thus avoiding injury from happening. The most recommended headgear for gardeners is a hat which protects the head adequately while allowing some room for ventilation.
  • The idea of giving gardening apparel for gifts is to provide a comfortable gardening experience to the recipient. With that said, clothing should provide convenience in movement which means it should be big enough to allow full range of motion but not hang awkwardly to the body. Cotton, long-sleeved t-shirts and baggy pants are your best bets for gifts. Or, even a scarf of hanky. Vests with multiple pockets are great too since they can easily slide gardening tools in it while gardening. Waterproof jackets are greatly favored by gardeners especially breathable ones. Check out specialty gears such as spf protective shirts or insect-repellent gardening apparel.
  • There are many kinds of footwear available for gardeners. You can either stick with the classic boots or experiment with colorful rain shoes. Gardening footwear is meant to protect your feet and prevent slips and falls while trudging through mud and slippery soil so it should be sturdy and at the same time comfortable for the user.

All of these gardening clothes should also be easily washed after use. Comfort must not be sacrificed in the name of something that is cute or pretty since these two seldom exist when your hands are covered with soil and mud. So, observe what your gardener may need in the way of apparel, and start shopping!

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Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Christmas Gifts For Gardeners


This is the time when you need to fill-up someone’s stockings with Christmas gifts for gardeners and you have no idea what to put in there. What’s next for you? Of course, run to the nearest home and garden store and interrogate whoever comes your way first or you can sit down and think about it deeply while browsing the internet, of course.

When looking for Christmas gifts for gardeners, you will need ideas. You need to assess your gifts by person-to-person basis which means, you must know this gardener on a personal level or at least, know about their gardens. The best way to do this is to drop by their gardens once or twice before Christmas just to scope out the area; this way you will know what the garden already has and what it needs.

There are many fantastic Christmas gifts for gardeners flooding the market today; all you have to do is choose the best one for your favorite gardener. Here are some great gifts that you should check out when Christmas shopping:


  • Try to give something that the gardener needs but would hesitate buying like hand creams or knee pads. These gift suggestions are for gift-givers who are sticking on the practical side.
  • Starter kits are best for reluctant gardeners. These kits contain seed samples depending on the type of garden you would like to grow such as herb, flower or veggie garden. Usually, these seeds are easy enough to raise to allow the gardener room for adjustments.
  • Gift certificates are great especially if you don’t have any idea what to get. This way the gardener would be able to choose his or her own gift to take home, which is great if you don’t mind being less personal about it.
  • Tired of gardening books? Try gardening magazine subscription instead. They are great Christmas gifts for gardeners since they last for a long time, at least a year.


  • Christmas-themed garden ornaments make wonderful Christmas gifts for gardeners. You can get little Santa stakes or sled-like planter for the garden so it will capture the feel of Christmas even more.
  • Compost bins are important but usually they don’t make it to the gift-giver shopping carts. There are compost bins that are not too horrid; in fact there are compost bins available in ceramic and attractive pot forms.
  • A new plant to add the gardener’s collection is just as wonderful. Just make sure you get something that works well with the rest of the garden.
  • If there’s a pond, give something that will enliven it such as koi fish. They are colorful and they are alive.

Part of the Christmas season is gift-giving. No matter what kind of Christmas gifts for gardeners you get, it’s always the thought that counts.

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Great Garden Gift Ideas

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Holiday Gifts For Gardeners

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Garden Gift Ideas

Garden Gift Ideas


The best garden gift ideas are based exclusively on two things: the gardener and the garden. If these two are certain for the gift-giver, then one will not have a hard time looking for the perfect gift. In fact, the hardest part of getting a gift is when faced with hundreds of beautiful items to choose from; hence the birth of gardening gift baskets. Below is a list of great garden gift ideas to consider while gift shopping for your favorite gardener:

  • Nothing can really go wrong with gardening gift baskets. This is one of the most popular garden gift ideas that ever existed due to its flexibility and the ability to be customized by the gift-giver. Pre-packed garden baskets are filled with items necessary and fun for a gardener’s life and they are designed for many types of gift-givers and budgets. On the other hand, gift baskets can also be personalized when needed.
  • If you want something practical then go for gardening tools. This happens to be gardeners’ choice for great garden gift ideas. Home and garden stores sell them but some of the durable ones can be very expensive; however, going for cheap, unstable ones is never an option. Some of the basic tools used by gardeners are: pruners, shears, and spades. Get quality tools so they will last longer.
  • Dress your favorite gardener for success. Gardening apparel is preferred by most gardeners as a gift because most of the time, they would rather spend their money on new tools than buying something to protect their bodies. Some of the best ideas are a vest with multiple pockets, waterproof jackets and snazzy rubber boots.
  • Decorative garden ornaments that will sit and blend beautifully with the garden is another great idea too. There are stakes that glow using solar power while some are springy and colorful adding charm to the already attractive garden. If you have more money to spend, then you can look at fountains, ponds, bird baths or hammocks.
  • Garden gift ideas are usually found at bookstores so why not pick up a good gardening book instead? Instructional books are very helpful especially for novice gardeners seeking helpful tips on how to go about gardening.
  • Exotic plants can be really fun and welcome to seasoned gardeners. For them every plant poses different challenges and to grow them successfully can be a great achievement. Just make sure you are giving these plants to longtime and adventuresome gardeners, not to beginners or those who are not yet ready for these kinds of challenges.
  • Large stones and statues are like making your mark in a garden. If you are close to the gardener, it will most likely be received well, otherwise you may want to find something that is less obtrusive, perhaps a little smaller that will blend in a little easier with the garden.
  • Attract birds to the garden by giving bird baths, feeders and houses. Garden gift ideas like this will surely liven up any garden out there!

Gift hunting is fun especially if choices are endless. For more garden gift ideas, try browsing online stores.

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