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Gardening Apparel

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Gardening Apparel


Gardening apparel is a great gift idea for seasoned gardeners. It is not only practical but also your favorite gardener will surely appreciate the gift especially if it fits him or her perfectly.

Gardeners may spend a lot of time in the dirt but that doesn’t mean one should not dress nicely when doing so. They may prefer to be well-dressed when doing their hobbies just as one would when playing golf. Proper gardening apparel will allow the gardener much comfort in moving and climbing, if and when it is needed. Regular clothing will not provide the comfort and quality of specifically-designed gardening apparel. Garden clothes may make a gardener’s job easier, enabling them to do their job efficiently under any weather conditions.

First and foremost, your gardening apparel should allow movement. This should not hinder the gardener in any way. Normally, a gardener will keep 2 to 3 sets of gardening clothes so giving them another set would be much appreciated. Here are some tips when choosing gardening apparel for your favorite gardener:

  • Hats are important for gardeners. This will protect their heads from harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind. This can also shield their head from any protruding branches thus avoiding injury from happening. The most recommended headgear for gardeners is a hat which protects the head adequately while allowing some room for ventilation.
  • The idea of giving gardening apparel for gifts is to provide a comfortable gardening experience to the recipient. With that said, clothing should provide convenience in movement which means it should be big enough to allow full range of motion but not hang awkwardly to the body. Cotton, long-sleeved t-shirts and baggy pants are your best bets for gifts. Or, even a scarf of hanky. Vests with multiple pockets are great too since they can easily slide gardening tools in it while gardening. Waterproof jackets are greatly favored by gardeners especially breathable ones. Check out specialty gears such as spf protective shirts or insect-repellent gardening apparel.
  • There are many kinds of footwear available for gardeners. You can either stick with the classic boots or experiment with colorful rain shoes. Gardening footwear is meant to protect your feet and prevent slips and falls while trudging through mud and slippery soil so it should be sturdy and at the same time comfortable for the user.

All of these gardening clothes should also be easily washed after use. Comfort must not be sacrificed in the name of something that is cute or pretty since these two seldom exist when your hands are covered with soil and mud. So, observe what your gardener may need in the way of apparel, and start shopping!

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Garden Gift Ideas

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Garden Gift Ideas


The best garden gift ideas are based exclusively on two things: the gardener and the garden. If these two are certain for the gift-giver, then one will not have a hard time looking for the perfect gift. In fact, the hardest part of getting a gift is when faced with hundreds of beautiful items to choose from; hence the birth of gardening gift baskets. Below is a list of great garden gift ideas to consider while gift shopping for your favorite gardener:

  • Nothing can really go wrong with gardening gift baskets. This is one of the most popular garden gift ideas that ever existed due to its flexibility and the ability to be customized by the gift-giver. Pre-packed garden baskets are filled with items necessary and fun for a gardener’s life and they are designed for many types of gift-givers and budgets. On the other hand, gift baskets can also be personalized when needed.
  • If you want something practical then go for gardening tools. This happens to be gardeners’ choice for great garden gift ideas. Home and garden stores sell them but some of the durable ones can be very expensive; however, going for cheap, unstable ones is never an option. Some of the basic tools used by gardeners are: pruners, shears, and spades. Get quality tools so they will last longer.
  • Dress your favorite gardener for success. Gardening apparel is preferred by most gardeners as a gift because most of the time, they would rather spend their money on new tools than buying something to protect their bodies. Some of the best ideas are a vest with multiple pockets, waterproof jackets and snazzy rubber boots.
  • Decorative garden ornaments that will sit and blend beautifully with the garden is another great idea too. There are stakes that glow using solar power while some are springy and colorful adding charm to the already attractive garden. If you have more money to spend, then you can look at fountains, ponds, bird baths or hammocks.
  • Garden gift ideas are usually found at bookstores so why not pick up a good gardening book instead? Instructional books are very helpful especially for novice gardeners seeking helpful tips on how to go about gardening.
  • Exotic plants can be really fun and welcome to seasoned gardeners. For them every plant poses different challenges and to grow them successfully can be a great achievement. Just make sure you are giving these plants to longtime and adventuresome gardeners, not to beginners or those who are not yet ready for these kinds of challenges.
  • Large stones and statues are like making your mark in a garden. If you are close to the gardener, it will most likely be received well, otherwise you may want to find something that is less obtrusive, perhaps a little smaller that will blend in a little easier with the garden.
  • Attract birds to the garden by giving bird baths, feeders and houses. Garden gift ideas like this will surely liven up any garden out there!

Gift hunting is fun especially if choices are endless. For more garden gift ideas, try browsing online stores.

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