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Gardening Gift Baskets

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Gardening Gift Baskets


For those who are still trying to figure out the perfect gift for your favorite gardener, try gardening gift baskets!

Gardening gift baskets are the perfect gift you can give to your friend or relative who loves gardening. They are fun, pretty and are great fun to customize to suit the gardener’s needs and wants perfectly. This is also ideal for those who are choosing gifts for gardeners but can’t make up their mind because gardening gift baskets may consist of all types of gardeners’ items that are sure to please the receiver. Most home and garden stores sell ready-made gardening gift sets for confused gift hunters; some can be found online and delivered to your home or your recipient’s house, whichever you prefer. Best of all, these gift baskets can be made personally by you especially if the gardener is very close to your heart and you know them and their garden well. Nothing beats a gift that is well thought of and comes from the heart!

Usually, gardening gift baskets contain gardening gloves, a cute and practical gardening tool, some tea packs and home baked cookies, plus a couple of flower or vegetable seed packs. Some gift baskets are created according to themes and it is not always necessary to pack these goodies in baskets; perhaps you could put them in a watering can or garden and tool caddy; —even tote bags will do nicely. Themes can go from organic to hand care products; in fact, the possibilities are endless!

Gardening gift baskets are considered very thoughtful especially if you personally put together the things inside it. Moreover, these gift baskets can be given at any time you wish: for birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. But sometimes, choosing the items to go inside your basket can be tougher than one would expect. Here are some tips to help you create that perfect gift for your favorite gardener:

  • First, decide on a budget for your gardening gift baskets. This way you can avoid overspending and you can be sure to avoid impulse buys. Carefully select the items that are important and don’t be tempted to overspend on less useful things.
  • If you have a tight budget, look for popular but not too expensive gardening things for your basket. If the quality is acceptable, check out your local dollar store for all sorts of ideas! All gardeners are excited to try new tools, products and gardening items so you will not miss on this one.
  • Shopping in a home and garden store can be both overwhelming and confusing. You can always seek help from sales attendants who will gladly assist you with your needs.
  • Every gardener has their own level of expertise and interests; to be able to put together a gardening gift basket that will suit them best, be aware of their preferences and interests and work around a certain theme that fits them. This way, your basket will look like a fun collection of assorted gardening items that show you care.

Finally, to create the basket, you will want to begin with padding or softener, like excelsior or packing peanuts. Or place a garden theme hand towel on the bottom. Then, you may want to gather scraps of styrofoam, or wrapped newspaper to raise some items above the others, for presentation. You can finish it all off with raffia or place a plant in the basket. With a little inspiration, lots of creativity and imagination, you will be able to create perfect gardening gift baskets in no time and have lots of fun doing it. What great ideas do you have for creating or presenting a gardening gift basket?

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