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Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

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Christmas Gifts For Gardeners


This is the time when you need to fill-up someone’s stockings with Christmas gifts for gardeners and you have no idea what to put in there. What’s next for you? Of course, run to the nearest home and garden store and interrogate whoever comes your way first or you can sit down and think about it deeply while browsing the internet, of course.

When looking for Christmas gifts for gardeners, you will need ideas. You need to assess your gifts by person-to-person basis which means, you must know this gardener on a personal level or at least, know about their gardens. The best way to do this is to drop by their gardens once or twice before Christmas just to scope out the area; this way you will know what the garden already has and what it needs.

There are many fantastic Christmas gifts for gardeners flooding the market today; all you have to do is choose the best one for your favorite gardener. Here are some great gifts that you should check out when Christmas shopping:


  • Try to give something that the gardener needs but would hesitate buying like hand creams or knee pads. These gift suggestions are for gift-givers who are sticking on the practical side.
  • Starter kits are best for reluctant gardeners. These kits contain seed samples depending on the type of garden you would like to grow such as herb, flower or veggie garden. Usually, these seeds are easy enough to raise to allow the gardener room for adjustments.
  • Gift certificates are great especially if you don’t have any idea what to get. This way the gardener would be able to choose his or her own gift to take home, which is great if you don’t mind being less personal about it.
  • Tired of gardening books? Try gardening magazine subscription instead. They are great Christmas gifts for gardeners since they last for a long time, at least a year.


  • Christmas-themed garden ornaments make wonderful Christmas gifts for gardeners. You can get little Santa stakes or sled-like planter for the garden so it will capture the feel of Christmas even more.
  • Compost bins are important but usually they don’t make it to the gift-giver shopping carts. There are compost bins that are not too horrid; in fact there are compost bins available in ceramic and attractive pot forms.
  • A new plant to add the gardener’s collection is just as wonderful. Just make sure you get something that works well with the rest of the garden.
  • If there’s a pond, give something that will enliven it such as koi fish. They are colorful and they are alive.

Part of the Christmas season is gift-giving. No matter what kind of Christmas gifts for gardeners you get, it’s always the thought that counts.

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