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Unique Garden Gifts

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Unique Garden Gifts


For seasoned gardeners, unique garden gifts are nearly a must since they most likely already have everything there they need for their gardens. Gift baskets are great, but can also get overwhelming at times since the gift hunter is faced with so many options.

Keep in mind that when giving gifts to gardeners your choices don’t always have to be gardening apparel or gardening tools. It could be something to remind them of their garden or something that reminds them of their garden, for their home or office. Needless to say, most gardeners love anything whimsical, and the things that go along with their gardens may very well be such things as plaques, birds or flowers! Unique garden gifts are great, especially look at choosing to get something personalized. The look of surprise and delight on a gardener’s face upon opening your gift is reason enough for you to spend that extra time to track down that elusive, one-of-a-kind gift for their home or garden.

When choosing unique garden gifts for your loved-ones, begin by thinking of the recipient of the gift and if you’re lucky, have a general sense of what the garden looks like. This will give you an idea what kind of gift you’re searching for. Home and garden stores, locally and even online, sell them by the hundreds so rest assured there will be no shortage of great ideas! Many gardens have themes; some even have color schemes or perhaps a type: it may be flower, herb, rock, vegetable or organic garden. Having an idea of what kind of garden the person has will make your hunt for unique garden gifts a lot easier. Here are some ideas for unique garden gifts to consider:

  • Fountains are great. A garden is never complete without a fountain of any size. Some gardeners even work around the fountain’s theme while others delay purchasing one until the garden is near completion. Just the same, they make unique garden gifts that your gardener will surely love!
  • Garden stakes are among the cutest garden gifts you can give. Designs vary from springy butterflies, lady bugs, pink flamingos, and pinwheels. There are some online stores selling solar powered stakes that light up, change color and give additional glow to the garden.
  • A hammock will surely delight any gardener because it is very easy to install and it provides them a place to rest after a long day of garden work. What could be better than chilling in a hammock while you admire your beautiful work in bloom? You can get either the regular rope hammock or the swing type.
  • Wind chimes, twirlers and weather vanes add charm to any garden and come in all price ranges. Bird feeders will attract birds to visit and hang around the garden for longer periods of time. A huge range of bird houses are available for gardeners that are hopeful that someday a family of birds will come take up residence in their gardens.
  • One favorite and unique gift among gardeners is a decorative planter. These can be clay, concrete, resin, or molded tins or even ceramic pots which give the gardener an additional space to plant and stand out, looking unique and adorable.

There are online shops to check out for gift ideas. However, should you wish to see the gift first before buying, visit local plant nurseries and garden stores near you. These stores are sure to have something for you or at least give you an idea for unique garden gifts.

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Garden Gift Ideas

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Garden Gift Ideas


The best garden gift ideas are based exclusively on two things: the gardener and the garden. If these two are certain for the gift-giver, then one will not have a hard time looking for the perfect gift. In fact, the hardest part of getting a gift is when faced with hundreds of beautiful items to choose from; hence the birth of gardening gift baskets. Below is a list of great garden gift ideas to consider while gift shopping for your favorite gardener:

  • Nothing can really go wrong with gardening gift baskets. This is one of the most popular garden gift ideas that ever existed due to its flexibility and the ability to be customized by the gift-giver. Pre-packed garden baskets are filled with items necessary and fun for a gardener’s life and they are designed for many types of gift-givers and budgets. On the other hand, gift baskets can also be personalized when needed.
  • If you want something practical then go for gardening tools. This happens to be gardeners’ choice for great garden gift ideas. Home and garden stores sell them but some of the durable ones can be very expensive; however, going for cheap, unstable ones is never an option. Some of the basic tools used by gardeners are: pruners, shears, and spades. Get quality tools so they will last longer.
  • Dress your favorite gardener for success. Gardening apparel is preferred by most gardeners as a gift because most of the time, they would rather spend their money on new tools than buying something to protect their bodies. Some of the best ideas are a vest with multiple pockets, waterproof jackets and snazzy rubber boots.
  • Decorative garden ornaments that will sit and blend beautifully with the garden is another great idea too. There are stakes that glow using solar power while some are springy and colorful adding charm to the already attractive garden. If you have more money to spend, then you can look at fountains, ponds, bird baths or hammocks.
  • Garden gift ideas are usually found at bookstores so why not pick up a good gardening book instead? Instructional books are very helpful especially for novice gardeners seeking helpful tips on how to go about gardening.
  • Exotic plants can be really fun and welcome to seasoned gardeners. For them every plant poses different challenges and to grow them successfully can be a great achievement. Just make sure you are giving these plants to longtime and adventuresome gardeners, not to beginners or those who are not yet ready for these kinds of challenges.
  • Large stones and statues are like making your mark in a garden. If you are close to the gardener, it will most likely be received well, otherwise you may want to find something that is less obtrusive, perhaps a little smaller that will blend in a little easier with the garden.
  • Attract birds to the garden by giving bird baths, feeders and houses. Garden gift ideas like this will surely liven up any garden out there!

Gift hunting is fun especially if choices are endless. For more garden gift ideas, try browsing online stores.

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