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Tea Garden Gifts

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Tea Garden Gifts


Tea garden parties are unique opportunities to connect in a deep and relaxed way. They are slow paced and comfortable enough to invite easy conversation. If someone invites you to a tea garden party, you may want to bring a tea garden gift with you. Tea garden is a theme which means a particular garden is arranged to meet the standards of a classic tea garden, for example a Japanese tea garden. This is a kind of garden where tea parties are held and participants enjoy sipping teas while strolling down the garden or simply tuning in with the calming garden ambiance. Sometimes, when there are plants, such as herbs growing in the garden that are used in teas, such as mints, roses that produced hips after blooming, or chamomile, it can also be considered a tea garden.

Now that the concept of a tea garden is introduced, you may have an idea of what to give as tea garden gifts. Basically, you have the opportunity choose from a wide array of tea collection items from tea shops and specialty stores. Of course, you can find many of them online and offering home delivery services. Tea garden gifts would be either something for the garden or something for the gardener. If you choose to get something for the garden, it should continue in the garden theme. The most famous tea garden setup is the Japanese tea garden. Needless to say, you should get something that revolves around the Japanese garden theme or at least, conform its environ. Some of these are:

  • Bamboo fountain
  • Stone water basin or Zenigata Tsukubai
  • Japanese lanterns

On the other hand, tea garden gifts for the gardener personally, should be something that is useful and practical, at the same time along a tea garden theme. Since your host is interested in tea gardens, most probably he also enjoys having tea. For this, your safest tea garden gifts would be tea packs, decorative tins that hold loose tea leaves and tea gift baskets. Some of the recommended teas for gift giving are:

  • Earl Grey tea
  • Apple Cinnamon tea
  • Fruit teas

If your loved-one is just starting out her own tea garden, your best bet is a tea garden book. One option can be an instructional, illustrative tea garden book or inspirational book that is best read outside while sipping tea. Other tea garden gifts that will surely put a smile on your loved-one’s face are:

  • Teapots
  • Infusers
  • Bite-sized cookies and biscuits
  • Tea chest with assorted tea bags in it.
  • Tea sets

Tea parties are a great way of catching up with friends and loved-ones and somehow, it sounds more elegant and special than having coffee or just hanging out. They are also great ways to celebrate wedding or baby showers, birthdays or notable anniversaries. The best tea garden gifts are the ones shared over an easy conversation and lots of heartfelt smiles and laughter.

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